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Hi, You Have Experienced Betrayal & Hurt...I'm Carol

Can You Relate To These Common Struggles?

Lost And Confused

Do you try to figure where to go from here?

Negative Thoughts

Do you feel unable to get the experience out of your head?

Difficulty In Trusting

Do you feel like you can never trust again?

It is Absolutely Possible!

Do You Desire Inner Peace?

When someone you care about hurts you, the tendency is to hold on to anger, resentment, and even thoughts of revenge. You may be overcome by toxic emotions, which eventually affect almost every area of your life, and inner peace seems unattainable.

Resentment can sometimes linger for many years, even if you believe that you’ve moved on, or you have forgotten about it. You become sick…mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and eventually, financially. You feel like you can’t share your experience with anyone, as you’re not sure what the response will be. You feel like you’re suffering alone.

The combination of all of these feelings and emotions tend to spill over negatively to your relationships. That’s what happened in our household, and as a child and adolescent, I was saddened by all of it, but felt helpless. I often looked for ways to ease some of the pain, but nothing helped. At about ten years old, I decided I had to find a way

It's Time to Turn Things Around

As an adult, and after many years, I finally gained the courage to initiate s discussion with my step mother regarding her experience with betrayal and hurt. I was a registered nurse, and we were discussing her health issues. I had long felt that they were related to her experience. She was still struggling with the hurt, the pain, and was not ready to discuss forgiveness. Although I offered to be a ‘go between’ it wasn’t accepted. Unfortunately, she passed before I could raise the issue again.

I became a Marriage and Family Therapist, and discovered that the issue of forgiveness was deeper and more complex than I first recognized. Many women were seriously struggling to overcome the pain of betrayal. I also realized that I too needed to work on forgiving those who made poor choices that impacted me as a child. I became a Certified Forgiveness Coach, and I’m helping women who are hurting. Forgiveness Coaching has become my passion.

I want to help you too. I’ve developed a 9-week program to teach everything I learned from studying, researching, and the many experiences I’ve had over the years.

Are You Ready to Feel and Be Your Best?

Imagine knowing with certainty that you have a sense of meaning and purpose in life, as well as a greater feeling of empowerment. Imagine waking up each day, having a sense of mental and emotional well-being, feeling positive and with self-love, confidence and self-esteem. Imagine feeling fulfilled in your relationship.

Forgiving someone promises spiritual growth, physical and emotional healing and anger reduction, preparing you to truly take your place in the world. Now imagine being able to thrive in your relationships, and you no longer struggle to separate the failures of past relationships from current relationships.

Imagine you were making it happen, and you were motivated to make progress toward your goals, in spite of whatever may come your way…imagine!

With a coach, with a plan, it is possible!


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Forgiveness As A Lifelong Journey

Juddian Dennisur
Juddian Dennisur
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Carol. gave me the tools that I needed to really navigate my healing process, and to fully forgive my ex husband. She helped me to see him differently, develop empathy for him, and to view him in a more positive than negative light. I even learned how to communicate with him. I'm in a much better place now. Carol is a good listener, and is very open and understanding. She is an awesome Forgiveness Coach, and will be a blessing to everyone she may come in contact with.
Annmarie Baney
Annmarie Baney
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As a Forgiveness Coach, Carol has helped me to understand what was causing my issues, and she helped me to look at my experiences differently. She offered valuable advice, support and help with such in-depth understanding of the issues. Thank you Carol for your wisdom. I am now able to forgive and be a more healthy and free me.
Rose Bennett
Rose Bennett
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I would describe my experience with Forgiveness Coach Carol as inspiring. I felt comfortable sharing my experiences with her, and she made the process so easy. I have so much clarity now, and I can communicate with my former husband without feeling any animosity towards him. Thank you Carol for taking me through this journey to freedom.

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